Why Preschool
is Important

Why Preschool
is Important

Dear parents, grandparents, and nannies, too,

Seriously, preschool is the best! Really though, have you ever wondered why childcare is so beneficial not only for you (to give you a break from the constant piles of toys or cracker crumbs on the floor) but also for your children? We believe daycares and preschools are a key factor in the person your child will grow up to be. Socializing is so incredibly important for the development of your children. Having a multitude of social interactions will set your child up for a lifetime of success.

On top of the educational aspect of schooling (learning 123’s and ABC’s), preschools and daycares form an atmosphere where kids (not just two or three kids like you might be caring for at home, but a group) can express themselves, explore, learn how to share and even compromise! Really, being in a separate environment from their home can make all the difference. It allows them to find other sources of trust; it’s crucial for your little ones to be able to seek comfort and support from their teachers and also their new friends!

Our Kansas City preschool embodies this.

These are skills that will enable your children to adapt and problem solve and find joy in others. Preschool is an inspiration, a motivation for your children. It is one of their first exciting times where they get to feel independent and proud to discover new hobbies and learn new things. It’s a time for them to shine and will come running to you, just thrilled and full of joy to be able to share with you what they learned or their favorite part of the day, whether it be that their friend Suzy loves ponies and corn-on-the-cob or that the Sun helps plants grow, or that the word “Apple” starts with ‘A’. These skills are useful throughout our lives, even as adults. Hey, your preschoolers might even teach you something!

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Ashley & Brittany

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