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About the School

Rhyme and Reason Preschool of the Arts is a fun, uniquely designed program that stimulates social, emotional, physical, and mental growth. Through a series of unique teaching methods based off some of the philosophies of Reggio Emilia, Rudolf Steiner, and Maria Montessori and passionate twin sister- team teachers, Rhyme and Reason ensures an innovative experience and community for parents and children.

Rhyme and Reason is a hands-on school that gives each child an opportunity to explore creations of all kinds through structured as well as free-time curriculum. Rhyme and Reason Preschool of the Arts’ mission is to encourage, inspire and guide every child through a school that is based on community, experience and learning through the arts. “Embrace curiosity, discover passion, and experience joy!”

Ashley and Brittany (Identical twin sisters) both received their BFA in Visual Arts and Design from the University of Kansas in 2012. Brittany continued her education at the University of Missouri-Kansas City where she received her Master of Arts in Education: Curriculum and Instruction. We have been preschool teachers for many years, and it has been our life long dream to develop our own unique preschool where the atmosphere genuinely reflects the love we have for children and education. Rhyme and Reason Preschool of the Arts is located in the heart of the Waldo/Brookside area, surrounded by quaint boutiques and friendly cafes; we, too, have created an artful and inviting environment for your little ones.

Rhyme meet Reason

Meet the girls who made Rhyme and Reason a reality.

Ashley Held

Ashley is bubbly, compassionate and ambitious. Her passion for teaching children is what drives her desire to create and succeed.

Brittany Margolies

Ditto. Seriously, though, Brittany is spirited, kind-hearted, and determined. She loves to teach and is inspired by children’s imaginations  as they master new skills and soak up knowledge.

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