Our Philosophy & Curriculum

1. Learning through experience

Interacting with their environment is the best way for children to learn and discover how to be self sufficient.


2. Know the basics

While helping children become independent thinkers, we make sure they are learning the foundations like the ABC’s, 123’s, colors, textures, and the ability to explain their feelings.


3. Art as a structure

We believe that the creative process is the best way for children to master the foundations, become self-reliant, and build the desire to keep learning. Experience with any kind of art form helps children become independent thinkers and build the desire to keep learning for a lifetime. That’s why we offer a variety of experiences from music, painting, drawing, yoga, cooking, science experiments, dance, theatre and more!


4. Helping others

The school consists of mixed age classrooms, 2 ½ to 5 years old, which allow children to not only gain knowledge from others, but also help or teach others and become a leader, a skill that is undoubtedly beneficial throughout their lives.


5. Family style

Another benefit of a mixed age classroom is that it allows for a more intimate community, mirroring a family style atmosphere. Being surrounded by children of varying ages strengthens the ability for a child to adapt. This cohesive environment will foster positivity, teamwork, friendship, and present the importance of support.

Why choose us?

Rhyme and Reason Preschool of the Arts is full of love, laughter, learning, excitement, and exploration! We would love to have you and your little ones as a part of our close-knit community, to share in the joy of education and growth! We have a small teacher-to-student ratio, which allows for a more specialized and focused environment. As twin sister teachers, our goal is to create a second home for your children, where education, comfort, and safety are of utmost importance.

  • Potty training is not required. We would love to help when the time is right!

  • Mixed age classrooms, 2 ½ to 5 years old, allows for a family style and leadership environment.

  • We offer many different activities revolving around the arts.

  • We provide a delicious snack every day, and are a NUT-FREE campus.

  • Each day, your child will come home with a Daily Journal, updating you on the details of their day!

  • We have a highly secured campus with a video-intercom surveillance system. Doors are always locked.

  • We promote positivity and fun!